Southeast Community College faculty, staff, and students are expected to use all computing resources responsibly and are expected to adhere to guidelines and policies as set forth by the college and laws and regulations of federal, state and local government.


Access to Technology/Computer Resources (Policy A-18)
Access to Technology/Computer Usage (Procedure A-18a)
Access to Technology/Electronic Mail (Procedure A-18b)
Access to Technolgy/Internet Usage (Procedure A-18c)


Computers are available for student use at each campus. Computers are located in the computer labs, classrooms, and Learning Resource Centers. SCC welcomes students to use the available computer facilities for completion of school-related projects. SCC provides licensed software on its computers for students’ use and training.

Students are not to use software other than the software installed on the SCC machines and are not to modify the computers’ directory structure in any way. Users will abide by the guidelines regarding the lawful use of computers and software. Students who do not abide by SCC computer use policy will be subject to penalties outlined in the “Computer Use Violations” section.

Student Computer Use Policy