How to pay for courses online

SCC offers an online payment portal where students can pay their account balance or access their Financial Aid details.

The self service site can be accessed through The Hub by following the guide below or by going directly to (Note: if you are asked to log in, you will use the username/password used for The Hub, but do not include in the username.)

Accessing the Self-Service Payment Portal through The Hub

Once you have logged into The Hub, click WebAdvisor for Students

Click on Student Financial Info

Click on View Account and Make Payments

You will be taken into the Self-Service Portal payment page. Click the “Proceed to Processor” button. If you have not set up an account, you will be asked to create one on the next screen.

Image of the create account screen

After creating the account, the current balance/payment options will show. If there is a balance, an option to pay will be there as well: