Moodle Support

Below is information that will get you started accessing Moodle via The Hub:

The HUB Access at SCC – Login information regarding The Hub so you may access your Moodle course

How Do I Access My Moodle Course from The Hub?

  • When you log in to The Hub, you should see a MyCourses tab next to the WebAdvisor tab. If you don’t, try clicking on the Menu link on The Hub, then click on Home and then Student.
  • After clicking on a course name, you will need to log in to Moodle.  At this time, Moodle does NOT use the “” as part of the username.
  • NOTE: Courses are typically not visible to students until the first day of classes.  Instructors will make the course available to you. For more information see > Help! My course is missing.
  • If you are having trouble accessing The Hub, you can try to access Moodle directly via the following link: However, please let the Helpdesk know that you are having Hub login problems so that we can help to resolve the issue.

Computer Requirements

Students are responsible for having up-to-date computers and software for full compatibility in an online course.

  • COMPUTER access
    •  Please, try NOT to plan to use an iPad, Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device as your ONLY method of completing an online course.  Although they may work for the majority of your coursework, some courses require specific production or testing software.
      • Windows Pro tablets will often work since software can be installed on them. Tablets and iPads that only install “Apps” and not software will not be sufficient for all requirements.
  • STABLE Internet connection (not a cellular or mobile hotspot)
  • Recommended browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+
    • Please, keep your web browser up-to-date.
    • Links are provided on the Downloads tab to download Firefox, IE, or Chrome.
  • Some courses may require a webcam and a USB headset, but not all courses do.

Additional Notes

  • Server Maintenance: Friday mornings from approximately 5 a.m. – 7 a.m., SCC’s portal (The Hub) may be unavailable due to server maintenance.
  • Sharing Computers: Be sure to use the logout link for Moodle in the top-right corner of the page instead of just clicking the X to close the window.  If you are on an SCC computer, you must log out of the computer completely before another user begins his/her work.