How do I register for classes from The Hub?

You cannot use WebAdvisor to register or drop classes if you owe the college money.
Registration confirmed by checking your class schedule or by calling the Registration office at 402-437-2605.

Register for a Class

Step 1: Click WebAdvisor for Students.

Step 2: Click Student Registration.

Step 3: Click Register for Sections.

Step 4: Click Search and Register for Sections.

  • To search: enter the term and at least one other variable. Term, Subject, and Course Number are recommended. Leave COURSE LEVEL blank.
  • If the full course Subject, number, and section ID is know, then the Express Registration option can be selected for step 4 instead.

Step 5: Search for your course Click SUBMIT to see a list of available courses matching the search criteria.

Step 6: Select the course(s) you would like to register for and click SUBMIT. The courses will be added to your Preferred Sections list.
This does not complete your registration. Stopping here will not register you for any of your selected courses!

Step 7: Choose Register from the drop down directly to the left of the the course to register for a single course section. Choose RG Register from the drop down labelled “Action for ALL Pref. Sections” to register for multiple sections at once.

Step 8: Click SUBMIT to complete registration. A message stating “The following request(s) have been processed:” will appear and list all registered classes. A list of currently registered courses will appear on the same page.