How can I get the Microsoft Office applications for Free?

While you are an SCC Student, you download the Microsoft Office applications for free. This is a complete version of Microsoft Office and can be installed on up to 5 computers.

Start by clicking this link:

If needed, review the system requirements. There is also a link for troubleshooting installation issues. Click on the Install button to start the download.

To start using the applications after installation, you will need to enter the same username and password that is used to log into The Hub.

Note: you can continue to use this software on your personal devices as long as you are an active student. Once become inactive, the functionality of this software will end and any data you have stored on OneDrive will no longer be accessible. 

Occasionally, you may need to switch accounts within the Microsoft Office products so that your SCC login is used.

Please Click here for a guide on switching between accounts after installing Microsoft Office.