Wireless BYOD

Southeast Community College has wireless network coverage virtually everywhere within our campus buildings.  The network that is provided that will allow you to connect your personal wireless device to the Internet is labeled ‘SCC-Open’.

Once you connect your personal wireless device to the SCC OPEN wireless network and open up your browser to connect to an Internet site, you will arrive at our SCC captive portal.  You must use your SCC username and password to register your device before gaining access to the Internet.

Once logged into the SCC Captive Portal, your device will then be cached for a specified amount of time. The amount of time the device is cached depends on the user. If the user is a student, their device is cached for 30 days. If the user is a faculty or staff member, the device will be cached for 90 days. A user can cache up to 5 devices.

You will be required to do this once during this interval of time.

If you are a guest and do not have an SCC username, then contact the helpdesk to obtain assistance to gain temporary access for your device.

If you encounter other problems or difficulties, please try some of these solutions or contact the helpdesk for assistance.