SCC-Open Wireless Login

Login to SCC-Open Wireless Network as Faculty, Staff, Students & Visitors

We have begun rolling out some important changes to the “SCC-Open” wireless network.

After connecting your device to the SCC-Open wireless network, you will see this new captive portal page:

scc network access







SCC employees and students should enter their SCC username and password, read and accept the terms of use, and click Log In.  The student/employee login grants access for 90 days.


Visitors, or users who do not know their username and password, should click the “Visitors Click Here” link.

It is no longer possible to use the “SCCGuest” or “CEGuest” accounts to connect guests to SCC-Open. Use the Visitors link instead.

This does not affect SCCGuest and CEGuest on Southeast Community College classroom computers.

After clicking “Visitors Click Here”, guests can connect by entering their name and email address.  The visitor registration grants access for 24 hours.

visitor registration