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Tech Tips Archive

Week 1-Add SCC Email to your Phone

Week 2-Microsoft Office Issues and Office Mix Help

Week 3-OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Excel Survey Help

Week 4-The Clutter Folder

Week 5-Datacove-Archived Emails, Regroup and Webstore

Week 6-Screen Capture

Week 7-Tips for Playing DVD or CD on Multimedia Carts & Requisition Forms on Datatel

Week 8-How users can access their own email quarantine

Week 9-Office 365 Update, How to Upgrade to Office 2016 for free, Find out about your open work orders

Week 10- Accessing Office 365 via Internet Explorer

Week 11-OneNote Updates and Features

Week 12-Adding/Changing your secondary email in Webadvisor

Week 13-Helpdesk and Moodle Support Hours and Contact Information

Week 14-What to include in your emails/vmails so your work orders have the right info

Week 15-VTC New Website-Virtual Training for All College Employees

Week 16-Save your Budget by Printing in Black and White, Tech Tips Feedback, What is Clutter

Week 17-How to Login to Office 365 online, and how to get Microsoft Office for free

Week 18-Procurement Card Instructions, Outlook Rules, Office Lens, and Excel Basics

Week 19-Zoom Video Conferencing, How to register for Classes handout, Procurement Card instructions

Week 20-Skype for Business, Malicious Emails, and How to clear your internet cache

Week 21- Webinar on OneDrive for Business, How to change font in balloons in Word, OneNote Assistive Technology Learning Tools

Week 22- Webinar on Office 365, How to share a group contact folder in Outlook, Forwarding email from Office 365 to another account

Week 23-Microsoft Form Preview, How to Create a chart in Excel, Powerpoint and Office Mix

Week 24-New things to Learn this Summer Microsoft Edition

Week 25- Windows 10 Training Sessions

Week 26- Here are some important links to resources on the Hub.

Week 27 Office Mix for Teachers and Students

Week 28: Things you need to know at the beginning of the quarter!

Week 29- Free Upgrade to Windows 10 and First time Student emails

Week 30- Office Lens Overview and Windows 10 Overview

Week 31- Update Windows 10 for Free, Print in Black and White, Procurement Card instructions

Week 32-Windows 10-Organize your start menu, Windows 10 training sessions

Week 33- Zoom Help and Office Mix Help

Week 34- Check out Windows 10 Snap Assist and Zoom SCC Guides

Week 35-What is Focused Inbox for Outlook 2016 and Office 365

Week 36-Windows 10 How to Guide Part 1

Week-37 Check out the Portal Webstore

Week-38-Office lens now available as application on Windows 10 pcs and surface, laptops

Week-39-How to use the snipping tool

Week-40-Welcome back to school: check out our new technology training page on the hub

Weel-41- HLC credentials how to guide and how students can obtain the Microsoft product suite